About Us

Hannes Schönhauer

Montañamar is an agency for tourism specializing in custom travel and whose founder, Hannes Schönauer, has personally experienced each tour destination.
Hannes, who is Austrian by birth, started out in the tourist business in Salzburg, where he managed his own camping site and restaurant. He is multilingual, has studied Hotel Management and Gastronomy. He has travelled around the world, and has chosen to make his home in Chile, South America. From here, he is able to share the best this continent has to offer with first rate trips for adventurous travelers. Hannes knows the requirements of travelers that are searching for a new experience at the highest of standards, creating unique, often unrepeatable tours prepared to meet every need and exceed every expectation.

Tours can include fly fishing, rafting, and trekking activities for those seeking a more physical experience. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Hannes Schönauer, who is also a Sommelier, or expert in wines, provides his own insights and expertise while accompanying you on his many premier tours to the wine regions of South America.

Kareen Labbé

Kareen Labbé, a Chilean architect who grew up in the mining camp of “Chuquicamata” in the Atacama desert, works alongside Hannes providing her intimate knowledge of South America. She works constantly to discover new places of interest, new routes to get there and new ways to ultimately experience the locale. Kareen’s efforts allow us to continually enrich and enhance the itineraries of each trip, as well as including new and exciting destinations. Also, as a professional, Kareen is currently developing a new design project for Montañamar’s Agency for Tourism, which consists of a hotel complete with thermal baths and spa in the middle of the rain forest of Chilean Patagonia.